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#230: Is Cannabis The Answer To Everything?

#230: Is Cannabis The Answer To Everything?

Happy Thursday and good morning , loyal readers! — that is, unless you live on the East Coast, or in Europe, or you’re Anne in Japan. If it’s not 9:10 am in your neck of the woods, hit reply and demand a correction. After all, this newsletter is growing, you deserve the best, and facts are facts. To

Happy Thursday and good morning, loyal readers! — that is, unless you live on the East Coast, or in Europe, or you’re Anne in Japan. If it’s not 9:10 am in your neck of the woods, hit reply and demand a correction. After all, this newsletter is growing, you deserve the best, and facts are facts.

Today’s lead article, which charts the rise of the cannabis wellness industry, and the second piece, which details the plight of the nuclear family, talk to each other in an intriguing way. They’re both about the stress and isolation of modern society, and both offer possible remedies to ameliorate the pain. If you have time to read both, it’ll be worth it. If you do, let me know what you thought!

If you’re looking for something more awe-inspiring, head directly to the bottom for an uplifting dose of grizzly bears. Then end your reading session with the absurd, a story of two middle-aged white men fighting over a few feet of a river shore. Enjoy!

+ Article Club keeps getting better and better! This month, we’re reading and discussing Paul Tough’s “Getting an A,” and Mr. Tough generously answered our questions this week, which I’ll publish as a podcast episode this Sunday. If you’re interested in what Article Club is all about, there’s still time to join. To find out more, go here, here, or sign up for our in-person or online discussions on Feb. 23.

Is Cannabis the Answer to Everything?

Now that weed is legal in many states, and the stigma of its use has declined, the wellness industry has swooped in, promising health-conscious women with disposable income a trendy new way to practice self-care, decrease anxiety, and juggle the pressures of late-stage capitalism — while making sure to look good at the same time. Author Lauren McKeon offers this well-written perspective from Canada, asserting that while cannabis may not solve all our problems, at least it’s better than kale. (22 min)

+ Which do you prefer: Flow, Ease, Calm, or Lift?

The Nuclear Family Was A Mistake

The mid-20th century American model of the nuclear family was a “freakish historical moment” that didn’t exist beforehand, wasn’t equitable at the time, and no longer exists now, argues David Brooks in this well-researched essay. A better structure is the extended family, which emphasizes connection, offers a safety net in times of need, helps raise children, and supports the elderly. The question is whether we can rebuild that ideal, or whether it’s too late. (41 min)

+ Get ready for some startling statistics about how our society has changed. Hit reply and let me know which one you found most surprising.

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A Line In The Sand Over River Rights

You hate the rat race of the city, and you love the outdoors, and your dream is to buy a cottage on the bank of the woodsy Russian River in Northern California, so you can finally achieve some peace. But then you find out that your backyard is actually public land, so any dolt can dock his canoe on your shore and drink Buds with his homies. What happens next? Read this and find out. (20 min)

+ Are you Team John or Team Mark?

Bear Dreaming: Of Wonder In Winter

Grizzly bears really know how to relax. After spending their summers gobbling enough salmon to reach their recommended 30,000 calories a day, grizzlies prep their dens for the winter and get ready to enter a state of torpor (not hibernation!), where over the next five months, they barely breathe, don’t eat or pee or poop, and lose 30 pounds, while they also manage to give birth, nurse their cubs, and maintain their muscle mass. (9 min)

+ Here’s 47 minutes of grizzly goodness.

+ Reader Annotations: After reading last week’s lead article, “How To End Traffic,” loyal reader Erik, a proud Honda Fit owner, did not appreciate that I’m thinking of limiting the time I spend in my car. He wrote, “I love my Fit! It is so reliable! But I’m concerned that the tire indicator is always on.” You and me both, Erik.

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